Real Talk: Creating Deep & Enduring Relationships with your Children

A 5-Part Parenting Journey with Réa Wright


What parenting struggles would you love to end?

How to Achieve a Deeper Relationship with Your Kids

Well I’m here to say that if even one of the above statements relates to you, then that simply does NOT have to be your reality! You can have a deeper, more engaged, connected and real relationship with your children no matter how old they are. And you don’t have to be your child’s “friend” to have that deep relationship either.

Being a parent can sometimes feel challenging, isolating, emotional and exhausting….but YOU have the power to create incredible relationships with your kids, and turn parenting into one of the most amazing, exhilarating and wonder-filled experiences you will ever have. In fact, your personal healing journey is a pivotal part of being an engaged and connected parent.

Let me start by saying that this is NOT your typical run of the mill “10 tips to be a great parent”, workshop. This intimate online program is highly interactive, greatly personalized, informative and introspective, and gives you tools to help you intuitively connect with both yourself and your kids to be the present and engaged parent you want to be. We will use a mix of writing prompts, discussions and group interaction as a way to personalize and dive deep into content as it specifically relates to you. And if for some reason, you have to miss a call, fear not, the recording will be delivered to you via email within 24 hours.

I first became acquainted with Réa when my teenage daughter was referred to her for counseling. Réa helped her tremendously, and …With her council, I came to really know and value my self for the first time, as I thought I was defective in so many ways. I was even able to return to a profession that I loved. - Janice
Réa helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. I was going through an emotionally devastating divorce, and at times, wasn't sure I was strong enough to be there for my three young children. Réa helped me to dig deep, understand who I am, and to better cope with the situation I was dealt. It was because of Réa 's help and insight that I was able to reclaim myself and be the strong, solid mother that my children need and deserve. Today I am a secure, emotionally healthy, and truly happy woman. Réa you are a gift. -Angie

Are you ready to be Moved, Inspired and Motivated?


You Are Most Definitely in the right place if you want to:

  • Reconnect with your lightness, joy and have fun with your kids
  • Feel confident and powerful in your parenting and focus less on pleasing your kids and more on pleasing your Self
  • Feel more in control and in touch with your intuitive parenting abilities
  • Be proactive and responsive instead of reactive in your interactions so the sh*t don’t fly
  • Be Happier, Open, Calmer, Trusting, Present and Engaged
  • Enjoy more open, trusting, and responsive communication with your teen
  • Let go of old familiar patterns and behaviors that hold you back and keep you disconnected from your kids and your self
  • Learn to let go and give your kids the space they need to be themselves

What will we be learning and doing?

This program will:

  • Enrich and strengthen your connection to both your children, your partner and most of all, yourself
  • Will provide you with concrete and life changing content that will help you dive deep for lasting change and transformation
  • Help you set a container of safety for both you and your kids
  • Help you create boundaries to make space for you as a mother and an individual
  • Support you as you step into being the confident, capable and engaged parent you want to be

Here’s an overview of the 5-week program:

Week 1: Tell me what you Want, what you really, really want!

When you are fully clear on why you had kids (it goes deeper than you think) and what YOU want from this parenting journey, you automatically show up for yourself and your kids differently, with more presence, with more intention.

In this module you will:

  • Clarify your hopes and desires for your self and your children
  • Dive deep to look at how these hopes impact & inform your parenting and your relationships with your kids.
  • Create a “parenting vision” so that you always have a meaningful touchstone for yourself and your kids

Week 2: What’s Your Story?

Whether you realize it or not, your parenting actions, choices, reactions and responses are all based on stories about parents and children that you developed when you were very young. While some of these may be in you unconscious, most are not. If these stories are un-mined, you will in all likelihood struggle to be the parent you want to be, and in many instances, be unable to break free of the parenting choices your own parents made.

In this module you will:

  • Understand the stories that have been controlling your parenting choices
  • Break free from the ways your parents parented you so you can parent your own kids in your own unique and healthy way
  • Release any parenting stories that no longer serve you

Week 3: Co-parenting and Communication 101!

You all know how this tune goes. Nothing tests a relationship like a toddler or teen trying to get his/her way. Working together as a team is a skill that will stand you in good stead through the tougher times.

  • What happens when I say “No” and my husband says “Yes”? The basics
  • Explore the ups and downs and pitfalls of co-parenting and communication in intact and divorced families
  • Decide whether you want a Dictatorship, Democracy, or an Enlightened Monarchy

Week 4: Connecting with your Toddler and Teen

Children learn, grow and develop in different ways, with their own set of distinct influences, affected by both nature, nurture, society at large and individual experiences.

  • Discover how well you know your children
  • Explore the development of toddlers and teens and how it affects the parent/child bond
  • Decide whether you want a Dictatorship, Democracy, or an Enlightened Monarchy
  • Understand boundaries and their importance to healthy relationships
  • Discover what it means to let your kids fail and what a real safety net looks like

Week 5: The stuff your worry about the most!

The stuff you worry about the most is often the stuff you can least control. But paying attention to the signs, symptoms and emotional rhythms of your child, you will be more connected and better able to deal with issues as they pop up, quickly and effectively.

  • Learn how to tune in to the rhythms and patterns of your child as well as your own
  • Explore issues around Sex, Sexuality, Drugs and Peer Pressure
  • Decide whether you want a Dictatorship, Democracy, or an Enlightened Monarchy
  • Become more aware of the signs and symptoms of depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation
  • Implement your Parenting Vision in a practical way

PLUS.... a 30 minute Q and A in real time with Réa!

Are you ready to start the journey to better parenting?


And if you’re saying to yourself (I know how this goes!!)...

  • I don’t have time
  • It’s too technologically complicated
  • I’m not on social media
  • I’m already doing it differently from the way my parents did
  • I’m too connected with my children, and I don’t need any more connection
  • It’s my husband who really needs this class...

I hear you! Check out some of my FAQ’s below.


  • I’m a busy parent and may not be able to attend each live call, can I still participate?
    YES, absolutely! You will receive an email with a link to the recorded call, which you can listen to at your leisure. You can still receive what you need by also being involved in the secret Facebook Group.
  • I’m the parent of a toddler, is this course for me?
    Yes, for sure! You actually get a jump on this parenting journey! Besides, developmentally there are a lot of similarities between toddlers and teenagers!!!!!
  • What if I don’t do well in groups or in live sessions?
    This program is going to be as interactive as you’d like it to be. You’re welcome to listen to the conversation without jumping in and the same applies to the Facebook group. Join in and participate in a way that feels safe and comfortable to you.
  • Is this a lecture series on parenting?
    No this is not a lecture series, so you won’t be bored to tears I promise! Each 60 minute class will be highly interactive and will include some time for Q & A. The last class will have an additional 30 minutes allocated for direct Q & A with Réa.
  • What if I have some specific questions for Réa that she doesn’t get to answer on the call?
    This is exactly why I’ve set up a Secret Facebook Page, where you can share your questions and concerns with Réa and the community signed up for this TeleClass. The support and wisdom of a group of women in shared community is both powerful and illuminating. Réa will do her best to answer as many questions as possible with the information available to her.

How Does This Work?

  • Calls will be held once a week from 12pm – 1pm, so that you can hop on the phone or computer during your lunch break or while your kids are at school
  • The Last Call will be from 12- 1:30 to allow for Q and A.
  • You will receive a special code, which you will use to call in either via phone or through your computer. A recording will be made of each call and emailed to you soon after
  • Click on the link you are sent to join a Secret Facebook Group to discuss and process after each call. Community support is of vital importance as you head out on this journey!
  • Listen in...


October 10, 17, 24; November 1, 7


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Réa Wright is a Life Coach and Psychotherapist on a quest to help people live healthy, joyful, vibrant and fulfilling lives. She has spent the last 24 years helping children, teens and their parents connect in deeper and more fulfilling and meaningful ways. She believes that when parents connect inwards, access their innate creativity and intuition, face their deepest fears and work through their own childhood experiences, they are more present, connected and in touch with themselves and their kids. Réa brings a depth and momentum to her coaching clients that is both unique and powerful. She works privately with women and facilitates several workshops, groups and retreats both locally and internationally. Réa has the added benefit of being an entrepreneur and small business owner. She has created a natural, body-care product line that supports and extends this vision of healthy, holistic, mind-body living, Mood Indigo Soaps.