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Journey To Self : A Group Program for Women

If you’re craving meaning, impact, connection and community, Réa’s group programs offer a safe and non-judgmental circle of authentic and real support. These intimate groups allow for powerful experiences, deep exploration of your dreams, visions, fears and blocks both conscious and unconscious, and a soul-healing journey to wholeness.

With years of experience empowering women, Réa weaves storytelling, shadow work, myths, rituals, dream journals, movement, music and dance into the very fabric of these groups for deep healing and transformation

The Journey To Self group offerings are not just a drop-in class or another therapy group—but a sacred, guided journey, during which she will lead you and an intimate group of powerful like-minded women, through a process of deep inner discovery and a powerful coming home to your Self!

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Real Talk: Creating deep and enduring relationships with your kids to help them thrive!

Through this 5-part home study program, on Parenting Journeys, you will receive some of the most layered and dynamic content on how to intuitively connect in with both yourself and your kids, to be the authentically present, informed and engaged parent you want to be. 

Being a parent can sometimes feel challenging, isolating, emotional and exhausting….but YOU have the power to create incredible relationships with your kids, and turn parenting into one of the most amazing, exhilarating and wonder-filled experiences you will ever have. In fact, your personal healing journey is a pivotal part of being an engaged and connected parent.

This is not your typical “10 tips to be a better parent” workshop, but a dynamic, interactive, informative and life-changing journey to being the parent you so deeply desire to be. Réa shares vitally important content on what it takes to help children and teens grow and thrive in the new millennium.

By the end of this course, you will have rock solid confidence in your parenting, a deeper awareness of how your personal journey impacts your interactions with your children and a deeper, more engaged, connected and real relationship with your children

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Let’s talk if you’re ready to dive deep to re-connect & reclaim the most vulnerable and intimate parts of your Self in order to create the life that you so deeply desire.  I work with creative, intelligent, soul-centered women who are ready to overcome old stories and reinvent important parts of their lives.

Working privately with Réa is a powerful and transformative experience as witnessed by thousands of women. She is a gentle guide, an intuitive soul healer and tempers the process of introspection and self-discovery with humor, pragmatism and decades of experience.

Réa will work with you intensively through either ongoing coaching sessions or intensive VIP time, and shapes your time together based on your specific needs and desires.

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We are in the process of developing our retreats through 2021.

I am planning to take a group of women to India for a 10 day retreat in Jan/Feb 2021. If you are interested in getting further information as she develops all her retreats, please click below.