Journey to Self Group Coaching

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom, single parent, worker bee, teacher, artist, caregiver, visionary or day-dreamer, you will have the opportunity to transform your thought processes, give yourself time and space to connect with your deepest desires, and feel into your powerful feminine intuition.

I create a non-judgmental, safe and compassionate space in which you and a like-minded group of women, can safely explore and work through feelings, thoughts, images and beliefs, conscious or unconscious, that may be keeping you stuck.

Get Ready to Receive Coaching, Masterminding, Ritual, Sacred Space, Deep Processing, Group Support, Brainstorming, Connections, Intimate Relationships, and Highly Transformative group programs

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve invested in personal growth before, but none of the practices you’ve learned have stuck, despite your best efforts.
  • You’re constantly on overdrive and overwhelm, and when you get busy, self-care is the first thing that you let go.
  • You’re tired of feeling tired, guilty and under chronic stress.
  • You do have a knowing or a sense of what it is you want, but you just don’t seem to be able to get there.

And you’re yearning to:

  • Reclaim the very core of who you are, as you reconnect with the deepest parts of YOU!!
  • Reconnect with your ancient feminine intuition and wisdom.
  • Create powerful, satisfying and intimate relationships in your life.
  • Manifest your deepest desires in all aspects of your life.
  • Make decisions that truly satisfy your heart and your needs

…….Then this powerful, transformative, life-changing experience is just for you dear woman

Here are examples of incredible client journeys and reinventions:

  • One woman, left her 9 to 5 job to make time and space to get healthy and then pursue her creative passion, while still helping her family out financially. She says, “I finally feel like I’m living my life now and not going through the motions. I’m making my own plans now and coping with the needs of my parents and children differently. I’m bouncing back quicker instead of being consumed by everyone else’s needs.”
  • One woman is in the process of starting her own health/wellness business after raising and launching two kids who don’t quite want to fully cut the chord yet!
  • One woman is now standing up to her difficult and philandering ex-husband who refused to help financially. She is now claiming her space, finding her voice, and fighting back to get what she and her children are due.
  • One Woman is finding her voice and speaking up for herself in her marriage and as a result is changing the patterns in her relationship as she finally says “what about me?”
  • Another longtime client is rediscovering her sexual self and is making healthier choices as she starts dating again after a long and emotionally abusive relationship and lots of childhood trauma.
  • Another is finally free of chronic long-term anxiety. She wakes up with positive thoughts and is creating new relationships, has been promoted at work, and is feeling more confident and capable.
  • One woman made peace with her emotionally unavailable mother a year or two before she died. She has transformed her life as a result and is living her dream. 
  • Another, has become a yoga teacher. She has dropped her habit of plastering a smile on her face and pretending that all was ok, sunny and happy! She now feels more centered, authentic in her interactions with people and content. She also coaches women with similar experiences.

    These group programs are not just a drop-in class or another therapy group—but a sacred, guided journey, during which I’ll lead you and an intimate group of powerful like-minded women, through a process of deep inner discovery and a powerful coming home to your Self!

    This transformational online group coaching program will teach you how to intuitively connect with the deepest parts of you, support you in reclaiming your voice, help you locate and stay in your wiser Adult Self, and understand how to reconnect with the innate wisdom of your body.

    IN this powerful group journey you will:

    • Understand the stories that have been controlling your thoughts, your choices and your life.
    • Get clear on your most authentic intentions and priorities, not the old outdated expectations of others.
    • Release unconscious thoughts and beliefs that limit you, hold you back and keep you stuck in old patterns
    • Step into new self-care patterns for greater health and wellbeing
    • Create relationships that are intimate, soul-satisfying and safe.
    • Let go of guilt, doubt, shame and grief.
    • Create emotional safety and learn how to set boundaries that allow you to be YOU!
    • Unleash your infinite power and potential so that you can live a personal & work life that is authentic, spacious, fulfilling and vibrant.
    • Welcome and experience the intimacy and support of a circle of amazing women.

    What Women are saying

    The “Journey to Self” group program has literally been a journey to my Self. Even after years of one-on-one counseling, the group dynamic offered me a new element of transformation. Maybe for the first time in my life, I have learned how to connect with women, to feel true support and nurturing, to share and to trust. It has given me a real sense of belonging. I’ve learned how to feel more comfortable with vulnerability. Réa and her unique methods have a way of steadily and gently guiding you through the process of growth. It has been amazing to reflect on all I have accomplished, and ironically, one of my greatest takeaways has been becoming more comfortable with less "accomplishing" and more "being!"

    I have created space for myself by exiting toxic relationships and letting go of beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve me well. With that space, I have been able to discover more about who I really am and what I value. In addition to becoming gentler and kinder with myself through true self-love, Réa also led us to embrace our power and courage as well. Réa and this group have assisted me in finding ease in my life, and in taking steps to create a life I want.

    Having these new insights and skills even had a tangible physical effect on my body. I have released long-term physical pain, and I feel lighter. I am now spending more of my time and energy in a way that makes me feel fulfilled. Even though Réa does not shy away from approaching intimidating emotions and subjects, she does it in a way such that everyone in the group feels safe and loved. She creates a container of non-judgment, and always adds some creativity and fun.

    I am more pleased and content than I have ever been in many areas of my life, including relationships, family, parenting, career, and health. I believe in myself and my decisions, and I am far less concerned with behaviors and opinions of others. I’ve learned how to take control of my life and to provide what I need to make myself a priority. And when I still have moments that I am triggered by insecurity and fear, I now know how to feel and talk myself through those challenges. I can't imagine where I would have been had I not taken advantage of the opportunity to participate with this group. I feel much more confident about my past and my path forward. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Réa and the incredible women who have been by my side.

    ~ Amy.



    Joining “Journey to Self “ was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Being with a group of women who support you, listen to you, and give you feedback, is both empowering and inspiring. Not once did I feel judged for something I said or was feeling.  I feel that my growth as a person in the last year has been shaped by what I learned about myself in the group meetings and in the retreats with Réa, and a circle of amazing women. The one-on-one phone calls and retreat were invaluable too!

    Today I feel so much stronger and able to cope with the turbulence that life throws at me. I am so much better at setting boundaries and saying no. Backsliding happens at times, but now I can allow myself time to think and process and move on. I feel so much more powerful in who I am and allow myself grace when I need it.

    I truly believe I’m a much better person and I like (love) myself a whole lot more than I ever have. I also know that the journey is not complete until death, and we are always growing and evolving. And I'm really good with that! I don't feel that I have to impress anyone, because I am impressive! I am not going to apologize for being me, not anymore.

    Thank you so much for the opportunities to learn about myself in a way that I never realized were out there. I’m so glad that I committed to this group program! I sometimes feel like I’m Wonder Woman! Thank you Réa!

    ~ Jennifer



    I began seeing Réa because I wasn’t reacting well to – well - anything. Fear of judgment and shame almost kept me from seeking help, but thankfully I began my journey with Réa. I remember saying to her, “I don’t want to need therapy for the rest of my life.” She responded to those fears with assurances that I wouldn’t need therapy forever and that the goal was for me to come to a point where I had the tools to manage my emotions. She also assured me that I could return whenever I needed.  What I didn’t expect was coming to a place where I no longer worry about judgment for seeking help and instead I have found encouragement in the process.

    I no longer worry about needing “therapy,” but I now choose and want to continue on this journey of self-discovery with Réa’s guidance. What I mean is I realize that life is pretty amazing, but to truly experience it, we also run into things outside of our control. As I face those things, I want to be my best self – She who is confident, empowered, and self-loving.  

    Over the last few years, I have spent time with Réa on and off in private sessions, women and parent-focused workshops, and in both 6-month and 9 month group programs. As she had first said, there have been times where we didn’t meet because I felt strong and confident and was putting into practice what I had learned in my work with her. Rather than becoming dependent, I have become increasingly independent and strong. 

     I wanted to write about my experiences to encourage other women who seek a better connection to their Selves to know that no matter what experiences you have had, and no matter what obstacles you face, there is a sacred and powerful community of women who are willing to support you and each other. Réa has helped me access that community and accept the incredible support and encouragement that surrounds me, while fostering some of the most amazing friendships. Being a part of her groups has hands down been one of the most personally challenging experiences I’ve had, and has also led me to grow in unexpected ways.

    It is not easy to articulate my personal growth, particularly because I am still on this journey of life, but I do know that I respond better to my family and myself. I have clearer and more appropriate expectations and boundaries, and I am more confident and happy in my daily interactions. 

    I am forever grateful for her guidance. 

    ~ Vikki