Essential Oils – Aromatherapy 101

We have a tendency to bandy around the term “aromatherapy”  or even Essential oils- aromatherapy, without truly understanding it’s meaning. I find that people often talk about using aromatherapy only to discover that they are using synthetic fragrances, which have no known aromatherapy benefits and which in fact can actually be harmful to both the environment and our bodies!

Quite simply, essential oil aromatherapy is the therapeutic use of pure essential oils to improve the health and balance of the skin, the body, the mind and the soul.  Robert Tisserand, a noted guru in the field of essential oil aromatherapy gives us this description:


“Aromatherapy can be defined as the diligent use of essential oils to promote or improve human health, hygiene and wellbeing.” He also states, “ “Aromatherapy” is an all-inclusive term, covering cosmetic and psychological effects, as well as medicinal ones. In order to make a distinction between the more commercial aspects and the medicinal use of essential oils, terms such as clinical aromatherapy, aromatic medicine, and essential oil therapy have been used. “


The discovery of the wonderful healing properties of essential oils can largely be credited to the French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefossé. Gattefossé burned his hand badly during a lab explosion in 1910 and successfully treated it with Lavender essential oil. His discovery that lavender had a profound healing effect on burns led him to make the study of healing properties of essential oils, his life’s work. Gattefossé wrote his classic, “Aromathérapie: Les Huiles essentielles, hormons végétales” in 1937, but it wasn’t published in English until 1993. There is also plenty of anecdotal and documented information that essential oils were successfully used as antiseptics during World War I to treat wounded soldiers.  But keep in mind that although the medicinal use of essential oils and aromatic plants is an ancient tradition amongst many cultures the world, aromatherapy was not really used as part of the compendium until the 20th century. Fast forward to this millennium and essential oil aromatherapy is coming back into vogue!! Stay tuned for more info on these amazing essential oils!


Is essential oil aromatherapy part of your daily routine? Are you interested in making it so?


Réa is on a quest to help women live healthy, joyful, vibrant lives in a practical and pragmatic way. She empowers women to explore and experience the full range of their emotions, and to connect and embrace their true Selves, thereby creating space to be vibrant, joyful, powerful women. She has created a body care product line that supports and extends this vision of holistic, mind-body living. Réa also works privately with women and facilitates several “Moodi Women” retreats through the year. Originally from Mumbai, India, Réa currently lives and works in Davidson, North Carolina. 


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